How Commercial Floors Get Cleaned Professionally

How Commercial Floors Get Cleaned Professionally

This short overview takes a brief look at the professional treatment of what has been termed commercial hard floors. Hard floor surfaces can include cement, tiles, wood and even carpeting. A professional floor cleaning services oklahoma city contract provides the commercial customer with innovative cleaning solutions. Solutions are found for the challenging environments of tile and grout surfaces.

High gloss and slip resistant strip and wax solutions have been found for concrete, tiles, vinyl and even marble floors. Motivations for professional floor cleaning solutions can never be emphasised enough. Commercial and retail floor surfaces always subjected to daily high levels of foot traffic will inevitably experience wear and tear, and if not adequately treated, can experience damage, even to the point of disrepair and the requirement for floor replacements.

Which can turn out to be quite costly to the business. It does not need to go that far. Before and after commercial floor surfaces are protected with several thin coats of polymer or wax finishes, floors will still be cleaned on a daily basis. When floors are recoated, a glossy and reflective finish is produced. This is also decorative, just as long as the floors continue to be cleaned daily. Furthermore, the surfaces can be enhanced or restored through the process of mechanical buffing.

Stripping and wax finishing work makes use of fast acting and deeply penetrating chemicals that loosen and remove old finishes, thus preparing the floor for a fresh coating. Never a truer word was spoken when they mentioned that commercial flooring is being treated to a deep clean. After the stripping has been done, the professional flooring contractors will produce yet another polymer based finish.

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Thus far this has been just a brief overview of how commercial floors are cleaned professionally.

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